Complete Nixie FunKlock Bundle (Polished)

  • £109.95
  • Save £10.90

  • COMPLETE Hobby Clock Kit of Parts to be soldered together
  • Polished, Machined Case and Power Supply Included
  • Hours and Minutes display on four IN-12 tubes
  • 0.71" / 18mm Digit Height
  • Ideal as a gift - either the kit or the completed clock.
  • Choose from a range of colours for the tube backlighting
  • Programmable seconds display at end of minute
  • 12 or 24 hour modes
  • Uses a Quartz Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Supercapacitor backup. Keeps time during short power outages
  • Simple time setting using two buttons
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Programmable neon colon settings (Flashing AM/PM indication, illuminated AM/PM indication, flashing, on, off)
  • Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely the set time
  • Programmable night mode - blanked or dimmed display to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance.
  • Separate modes for colon neon during night mode
  • Standard, or scrollback display modes
  • ‘Slot Machine’ Cathode poisoning prevention routine
  • Not AC frequency dependent – works in all countries
  • All user preferences stored to non-volatile memory
  • 12V Power Supply is included
Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

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