DekaDuo Dual Dekatron Driver (Kit of Parts)

  • £34.95

  • Drives up to two OG4 Dekatrons independently.
  • Watch the YouTube video here 
  • Hobby Kit of parts to be soldered together
  • Each Dekatron can operate in one of 3 modes.
  • Can be powered direct from a compatible clock.
  • Compatible clocks will synchronise the Dekatrons.
  • Our RemoteSystem board has a 3 way header to directly drive and synchronise this kit.
  • When connected to a compatible clock, the Dekatrons can power down in clock night mode.
  • Tube Sockets can be found here

    Here are the DekaDuo Instructions

You will receive a kit of parts, including the headers for connecting to the Dekatrons, and also a 3 way cable to connect to our RemoteSystem board.

You also need to buy one or two OG4 sockets separately, and also our 3 way cable is perfect for the interconnection. you need TWO 3 way cables per Dekatron.

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