Finned Walnut Case for QTC+ and Elite Clocks

  • £44.95

The case is supplied fully machined, including tube cut-outs and pilot holes for mounting the PCB. The base cover is laser-cut from clear Perspex acrylic sheet, allowing you and friends to peek inside the clock at the PCB.

The case needs to be finished by sandpaper or a sanding machine. Use 120, then 400 grade papers and finally 000 grade wire wool to give a very fine surface. The wood may be finished with your choice of oil, wax or lacquer.

The rear panel has holes for the sync, alarm and DST LEDs as well as holes for the power supply and optional GPS or Wi-Fi time receiver modules.



Machined case in Black Walnut for 'Nixie QTC, QTC+ and Elite Clock kits

Laser - cut base cover in clear Perspex

Hardware pack - all screws and fixings for PCB and cover


Nixie QTC, QTC+, Elite - all PCB dates, all tube types

Assembly Instructions

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