QTC-4 Nixie Clock Kit

  • £39.95

Launching our NEW QTC-4 kit, for Four Digit Clocks
QTC takes a new path for Nixie Clocks for mid-sized solder-in tubes.
Learning from our past experiences of thousands of kits sold, we recognise a major customer concern and possibly the biggest drawback with solder-in tubes: They are soldered in!

QTC-4 features:
Matte Black PCB with Gold pads
Reduced component count for RGB LEDs
Simpler Anode Drivers, with socketed Optoisolators, for easier assembly and troubleshooting
Double dot colon neons, with multi modes
Support for our GPS and WiFi Time Receiver Modules

Previously, a failed tube always meant a treacherous operation to delicately remove the tube whilst trying to preserve all traces intact. Whilst this was certainly possible, It was never easy, and made it uncomfortable to give a Nixe Clock as a gift in case a tube ever failed. With the QTC system (‘Quick Tube Change’), each tube is soldered only to its own mini ‘tube cell’ PCB. A tube can be changed in minutes with no danger to the main PCB. The small addition in cost is dwarfed by the huge advantage this gives. A single main board is capable of driving tens of different types of solder-in Nixie Tube. You can even completely change the tube type of your clock by installing new tube cells and tubes.

Hex standoffs not included. If you buy one of our cases, all hardware is included anyway. If you are making your own case and need some standoffs, we have several sizes here.

  • Hours and  Minutes and Seconds display on four IN-14 tubes with 18mm digit height
  • Uses a Quartz Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
  • 12 or 24 hour modes
  • Programmable leading zero blanking
  • Optional GPS / WiFi  synchronisation with status indicator LED
  • Dedicated DST button to switch between DST and standard time
  • Supercapacitor backup. Keeps time during short power outages
  • Simple time setting using two buttons
  • Configurable for leading zero blanking
  • Double dot colon neon lamps
  • various colon neon modes including AM / PM indication 
  • Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely the set time
  • Programmable night mode - blanked or dimmed display to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance
  • Separate modes for colon neons during night mode
  • Standard, fading, or crossfading with scrollback display modes
  • ‘Slot Machine’ Cathode poisoning prevention routine
  • Programmable RGB tube lighting – select your favourite colour 
  • Not AC frequency dependent – works in all countries
  • All user preferences stored to non-volatile memory


Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

Dekatron Driver DekaDuo is available.

Case is available.

Time Synchronisation Options
A range Auto Synchronisation options are available: GPS, WiFi


The following electronic components are provided, including:

4 X Tube cell components for mounting the tubes
All transistors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, diodes
2 X Neon bulbs for hours:minutes:seconds separators
Double sided, plated - through - hole PCB with black solder resist
Fully pre-programmed PIC microcontroller, with socket
RGB LED Tube Lighting Pack

4 Nixie Tubes (If ordered with tubes)

1 Power Supply (If ordered with power supply)

You will need a 1A 12V DC Power Adapter. 

Download Kit Assembly Instructions Here

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