Wi-Fi NTP Sync Device for Nixie Clocks

  • £29.95

  • Compatibility: All our current Six Digit Kits
  • Status Indicator LEDs: WiFi, NTP and Data Transmission
  • Main power input: ~5V DC direct from clock PCB
  • Baud rate: 9,600 bps
  • Data Format: $GPRMC GPS Sentence.
  • Cable length: 15cm / 6" (included)
  • For use indoors only

The NTP Sync Device provides a convenient and low cost method to synchronise time and date on our compatible Nixie Clocks.

On a factory power up, the device sets up in Access Point (AP) Mode. This is a wireless network that you can connect to with your computer or Smartphone. Once connected, you use your Smartphone to enter some simple configuration settings and then re-boot the module. The module then powers up in active mode, which will connect to your home WiFi network and retrieve the time and date from an NTP server of your choice. Time and date are sent to the clock as a 'fake' GPS Data Sentence.

Setup Guide:

1. Configure Clock
Setup the clock for GPS reception at 9,600 bps. Don't forget to set your local offset from GMT (UTC).

2. Connect 
Always connect and disconnect whilst the clock is powered off.
Insert the cable into the back of the clock, and the other end of the cable into the NTP Sync Device. Then power up the clock again.

3. Configure Device:
Upon initial power up, the 3 LEDs light briefly and then the orange DATA LED will light constantly. This indicates the device is in AP mode.

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