XTERNA Adapter

  • £9.95

Our XTERNA WIreless time and temperature transmitter allows display of ourdoor temperature  and GPS time sync, on XTERNA enabled clocks. Our ELITE Class Nixie Clock Kits natively support these functions. To use the XTERNA with our Spectrum Kits, it is necessary to use this adapter module kit. 

Spectrum 18 PCB date 1 Oct 15
Spectrum 1040 PCB date 5 Nov 15
Spectrum R|568 PCB date 10 Aug 16

If you are ordering for an existing Spectrum kit you own, please add a note of your firmware version number (parameter 0). We will send an updated PIC controller if necessary, if your firmware does not contain the XTERNA decode firmware. Spectrum kits shipping from June 11th 2018 already contain the XTERNA firmware.

This adaper will also synchonise time (not temperature) on all of our six digit clocks via the GPS input jack socket Simply enable GPS at 4,800 bps.

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